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testimonian from jennifer and jose nieto. jose obtained his green card after filing an I-130, i-601a waiver and consular processing in ciudad juarez, mexico.

My husband and I contacted Rivera law firm when we wanted to make my husband a US Permanent Resident (green card holder). We got his number from a friend that he had just finished helping and everything had turned out well for her and so we felt hopeful. We were very nervous the whole time despite all of his reassurances. He was very helpful and professional always answering questions even outside of his business hours. He helped us get all of our paperwork together and fill it out properly. It was a very stressful time and we would have been lost without his help! I would recommend Esteban to anyone needing immigration services.


Jose and Jennifer Nieto


Quiero agradecer a Esteban Rivera y a su despacho de abogados el haber podido lograr obtener la visa de inversionista E2, a pesar de haber sido un proceso más elaborado a lo pensado y de que USCIS solicitó documentos adicionales, se pudo lograr con éxito. Esteban siempre estuvo al pendiente y checando cada documento y preocupado por que todo estuviera entregándose a tiempo y en forma.


Monica Marquez


I want to thank Esteban Rivera and his law firm for obtaining my investor visa E-2. Even though it was a hard process and that the USCIS requested additional documents, the process was sucessful. Esteban was always making sure that every single document was correct and that all the filings were done on time and in the proper manner. 


Monica Marquez

Testimonial from Taryn and Josue Hurtado. Josue obtained his green card in less than 4 months.

 "My husband and I worked with Rivera Law Firm to apply for my husband’s green card. We were nervous about the process and wanted to make sure it was done right. We inquired with a number of immigration lawyers before a friend gave us Esteban’s card. We are so glad we found him! Esteban was realistic about what the outcome of our application could be, yet at the same time he was optimistic and confident. As we navigated through the complex process, he helped us compile the exact documentation we needed to go along with our application and he was timely in responding to all of our questions. We were both impressed by his experience and expertise. It was tremendously helpful that he is fluent in Spanish and English so both my husband and I could understand the process. He made us feel comfortable to ask questions at any time and he gave us the personal attention that we needed.


An immigration journey can be emotional and uncertain at times. I would recommend Rivera Law Firm to anyone needing assistance in the immigration process. What could have been a stressful experience turned out to be a very positive one thanks to Esteban.  My husband and I felt at ease knowing our application was in good hands."


Taryn and Josue Hurtado


Testimonial from Jean Lehmann who obtained a Residential (IMMIGRANT) Visa in Ecuador

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Mr. Esteban Rivera and his staff.  I was initially referred to Mr. Rivera by my personal lawyer.  I had made a decision to move to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2013 and I was looking for an Immigration lawyer who would assist me in gathering the necessary documentation to apply for my Residential Visa (would allow me to stay in Ecuador indefinitely) and my Cedula (Ecuadorian ID card).  I met with Mr. Rivera and found out that he was a trained and licensed lawyer in BOTH America and Ecuador to practice law!  What a gem to find a lawyer with his credentialing and willing to help me in my endeavors!  Together, we began to gather the documentation state side to assist me in pursuing the Visa and Cedula once I arrived in Ecuador. Both he and his staff member in Ecuador were consistently thoughtful, kind, considerate and impeccable in their diligence and follow through on my behalf.  It is beyond words the relief I felt to have Mr. Rivera and his staff assisting me in this process.  I had full trust in Mr. Rivera and his staff that they would guide me every step of the way and attempt to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible.  I can honestly say that without their expertise in the area of Immigration law and assisting me on the level that they so aptly did, I don't know how I would have maneuvered through this process.


I can now say that I received my Residential Visa and Cedula in 2 and 1/2 months after arriving in Ecuador!  As we say in Minnesota, "I am a happy camper"  not only because my documentation is completed but because I worked with the best, Mr. Esteban Rivera and his staff!  In closing, I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Rivera and his staff for Immigration assistance. You will have the assurance and peace of mind that whatever is required to complete the task, Mr. Rivera and his staff will follow through and guide you every step of the way to insure your documentation is completed."



Jean Lehmann/formerly of St. Paul, Minnesota and now living in Cuenca, Ecuador


We are permanent residents here in the U.S for almost 14 years now.  When my closest, 24 year old brother got into some trouble, we did not think that immigration would ever get involved. We heard that immigration sometimes got involved, but we did not think that it will happen to us or our family. Maybe not everyone's children are up to mischief but most teenagers and young adults are still experimenting and having "fun" in their own way, and sometimes that includes breaking the law. Breaking the law gives your record a bad name, unfortunately your record cannot say "A Really a good person, just made a mistake (or a couple)." Your records will classify you as a felon, thief, road-rage, speeder, insubordination to authority and many other standard labels that do not necessarily mean you are a bad person. That's just what happened in my brother's case. My loving, funny, helping, and  respectful brother made a couple mistakes and earned a "label" that flagged immigration to remove my brother from this country. My brother had a felony burglary, a DWI, and a possession of controlled substance on his record.

When I found out that immigration was holding my brother, I knew that this was a serious matter. He was facing deportation. I had no idea what to do, my parents do not even speak fluent English, so I knew they would not either. I made a few phone calls and was told that Esteban was a really good lawyer. I gave him a call. We met and a decision was made to hire him. Throughout our battle in criminal court and immigration court, Esteban was very professional and courteous. He explained the process very well and realistically explained our chances for a win.  He prepared us and our brother who was in custody for (4.5 months) for the day of the hearing and we walked out of there with our brother. It was all well worth it and ok, we had a good lawyer on our side. I recommend Esteban to anyone who is in a misfortune situation or has a loved one in that place. He is trustworthy and very easy to work with.

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