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Ecuador: Visas

Ecuador has been selected as the best place to retire in the world for North Americans by Forbes, Business Insider, and If you are thinking about moving to Ecuador for retirement, work, school, etc., Rivera Law Firm offers you a tremendous advantage. Esteban Rivera, founder partner of Rivera Law Firm, is a licensed attorney in Ecuador and in the United States and has worked as an attorney in both countries on Immigration Law matters for several years. Rivera Law Firm also has an office in Ecuador and staff that would complete the necessary steps to obtain your non-immigrant or immigrant visa. As as client, you would have the advantage to speak in the United States (in English) with an American trained lawyer about your immigration case in Ecuador.

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas

Rivera Law Firm can assist you in obtaining any kind of immigrant or non-immigrant visas. In Ecuador, the immigrant visas are known as "Visa 9". There are several types of Visa 9. The most widely known and used are:


-Visa 9 I: Rentista - (A person who receives a ($800 a month) pension from abroad)

-Visa 9 I: Fideicomiso en Efectivo - (A person who deposits a minimum of $48,000 in cash in a trust)

-Visa 9 II: Inversionista en póliza - (A person who invest a minimum of $25,000 in an annuity contract)

-Visa 9 II: Inversionista en acciones - (A person who invest a minimum of $25,000 in shares of a corporation)

-Visa 9 II: Inversionista en bien raiz - (A person who invest a minimum of $25,000 in a real estate asset)

-Visa 9 IV: Religioso - (A person who would be employed as religious worker by an organization in Ecuador)

-Visa 9 IV: Contrato de Trabajo - (A person who has a permanent employment contract with a company in Ecuador)

-Visa 9 V: Profesional - (A person who holds a registered professional degree)

-Visa 9 VI: Familia - (A person who has Ecuadorian citizen parent, child, sibling, or common law marriage partner)


The non-immigrant visas are known as "Visa 12". The most widely known and used are:


-Visa 12 IV: Asilo y Refugio - (A person who is granted Asylum or Refugee Status)

-Visa 12 V: Estudiantes - (A person who is enrolled for at least a semester in a University/College and can demonstrate to have at least $1,000)

-Visa 12 VI: Trabajo - (A person who has a temporary employment contract with a company in Ecuador)

-Visa 12 VII: Misioneros Religiosos Voluntarios - (A person who is a volunteer religious missioner with a recognized institution)

-Visa 12 VIII: Intercambio Cultural - (A person who is enrolled in a cultural exchange program)

-Visa 12 IX: Turismo - (A person who visits Ecuador for more than 90 days for tourist, science, art, or sports purposes)

Testimonial From A client

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Mr. Esteban Rivera and his staff.  I was initially referred to Mr. Rivera by my personal lawyer.  I had made a decision to move to Cuenca, Ecuador in 2013 and I was looking for an Immigration lawyer who would assist me in gathering the necessary documentation to apply for my Residential Visa (would allow me to stay in Ecuador indefinitely) and my Cedula (Ecuadorian ID card).  I met with Mr. Rivera and found out that he was a trained and licensed lawyer in BOTH America and Ecuador to practice law!  What a gem to find a lawyer with his credentialing and willing to help me in my endeavors!  Together, we began to gather the documentation state side to assist me in pursuing the Visa and Cedula once I arrived in Ecuador. Both he and his staff member in Ecuador were consistently thoughtful, kind, considerate and impeccable in their diligence and follow through on my behalf.  It is beyond words the relief I felt to have Mr. Rivera and his staff assisting me in this process.  I had full trust in Mr. Rivera and his staff that they would guide me every step of the way and attempt to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible.  I can honestly say that without their expertise in the area of Immigration law and assisting me on the level that they so aptly did, I don't know how I would have maneuvered through this process.


I can now say that I received my Residential Visa and Cedula in 2 and 1/2 months after arriving in Ecuador!  As we say in Minnesota, "I am a happy camper"  not only because my documentation is completed but because I worked with the best, Mr. Esteban Rivera and his staff!  In closing, I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Rivera and his staff for Immigration assistance. You will have the assurance and peace of mind that whatever is required to complete the task, Mr. Rivera and his staff will follow through and guide you every step of the way to insure your documentation is completed."



Jean Lehmann/formerly of St. Paul, Minnesota and now living in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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